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Product #:  RENDL4

Manufacturer:  Renaissance Lighting

Categories:   Lighting  LED  

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Solia™ by Renaissance Lighting Solia™ by Renaissance Lighting is the all NEW, powerfully bright and super-efficient family of white, solid-state LED luminaires that are also the most optically-efficient, solid-state LED luminaires on the market with the majority of product models being ENERGY STAR®-qualified. solia™ luminaires are enabled by Constructive Occlusion™ and fortified with a new patent-protected optical design that drives the impressive new optical efficiencies. Superior optical efficiencies drives a more powerful light solution that as a whole outperforms all competition in terms of lumen output, uniformity and fixture efficacy. These luminaires are available in a white color temperature range of 2700K – 4100K and offer features such as Air Tight Option, Flicker-Free Dimming and compatibility with 3rd party controllers. Solia™ downlights can be used for residential and commercial applications.

Vendor : Renaissance Lighting
Color: 6 aperature/trim colors available
Kelvin: 2700k - 4100k
Part Number: RENDL4
Unit of Measure: Each
Product Name: Solia